GARMClinic offers the best stem cell treatment in the Caribbean

Bowie: Find the Best Stem Cell Treatment Center in the World

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Bowie: Find the Best Stem Cell Treatment Center in the World

Why receive a stem cell transplant or stem cell treatment in Mexico when you can vacation on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Roatan, and be treated by one of the world’s leading orthopedic surgeons? Bowie, the best stem cell treatment center in the world and a gorgeous Caribbean vacation is just a short flight away.  

Recently, the U.S. FDA ruled that regenerative medicine procedures could not be offered in the U.S. unless the physician and/or manufacturer had filed for an IND (investigational new drug).  While stem cell treatments are not the answer to every illness, many times patients can be helped and their quality of life can be improved as well.

GARM Clinic is located in Parrot Tree Plantation on the beautiful island of Roatan.

Glenn C. Terry, M.D., a U.S. Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, founded the GARM Clinic in 2013, on the Island of Roatan.  Using his commitment to excellence, Dr. Terry built a state of the art facility in a beautiful, restorative environment.  “Mediocrity is not acceptable. I want the best for my patients; therefore, I expect the best from myself and my team.  We are in Roatan because of the Island’s beauty and the kindness of the people here.  If patients want to be treated and cannot be treated in the U.S., they are welcome to come to the Caribbean Island of Roatan and join the GARM Clinic family,” declares Dr. Terry.  Since the GARM Clinic’s inception, over 1,000 patients have been helped by the clinic’s services.

Dr. Terry and his team would love to chat with you about your case. Get in touch with them today!!